Physical Therapy Session

60 minutes

This is for the active person who is motivated to get out of pain as quickly as possible so they can get back to their favorite sports and activities.  You get a full hour with a physical therapist.  We look at the way your entire body moves so we can figure out your individual compensation patterns and biggest contributors to your pain.  Treatment and homework are based on these findings and customized to your needs.  Virtual sessions available.


Functional Movement & Strength Coaching

60 minutes

This is for the person who has issues with posture, stiffness, weakness or mild pain and wants to learn how to build a solid movement foundation.  Provided in small groups of 2-4, you get trained by a physical therapist in healthy movement patterns and functional strength exercises.  Semi-Private sessions are a great way to reduce mild symptoms, improve performance in athletics, and prevent future injuries.

Foot Map with Gait Analysis

30 minutes

Foot maps are taken which show where you place excessive pressure and not enough pressure while walking.  Your posture, walking or running pattern, breath pattern and 3 basic foot functions are assessed.  This is a 30-minute assessment which includes a few helpful tips.

Video Lessons

learn at your own pace from home

Membership in a private Facebook group where you receive instruction in natural movement exercises to help you move well with less pain (video links available if you do not use Facebook).  You get access to a physical therapist in the group to answer questions.  There are two groups available: 


You learn how to use foot wedges to improve the function of your feet and to help you move better from the ground up.  

Includes spine/breath/core movements to help you function better from your core out to your extremities.  

Over 60 instructional videos. 


Includes the Coregeous®Ball

Receive instruction in exercises that help to reduce stress & pain and improve breath pattern, posture, spinal mobility and core stability

Learn massage techniques to help promote relaxation, deep breathing and improved posture

Group Classes


Practice exercises to help you improve posture and movement patterns so you can move well and more often with less pain.  Classes can be customized and set up at your location or ours and include a variety of topics including Functional Movement, Neck & Shoulders, Spine/Breath/Core, Hips, Functional Feet (learn how to use AiM foot wedges!) and Stress Reduction.  Virtual classes available.