In person individualizED

Physical Therapy SessioN

In person evaluation & treatments include videos of your home exercises.

No matter where your pain is, Christina looks at your whole body for restrictions that can be contributing.

Emphasis is placed on prioritizing the exercises you should be practicing to help you move more fluidly with less stiffness & pain.  

Remote coaching can be added to any session so you can get support & new exercises added without having to come back in for an appointment.



1-on-1 Remote Coaching

Online movement coaching takes you through a process designed to help get you out of pain & improve performance in sports & life.  

Full body assessment & customized exercise program delivered through an app so you can take control of your pain from home or while traveling.

Includes weekly check ins, direct messaging, habit tracking & exercise corrections via video.

Foot Map with Gait Analysis

30 minutes

Foot maps are taken which show where you place excessive pressure and not enough pressure while walking.  Your posture, walking or running pattern, breath pattern and 3 basic foot functions are assessed.  This is a 30-minute assessment which includes a few helpful tips.

NEW Monthly Group Membership


Learn many of the exercises I use to get my 1-on-1 clients out of pain & back to doing what they love.  Exercises assigned in a private Facebook group.  Meet regularly for Q & A and classes that allow us to explore healthy movement patterns to help you feel your best.








Workshops & Small Group Sessions


Practice exercises to help you improve posture & movement patterns so you can move well & more often with less pain.

Classes can be customized & set up at your location or ours & include a variety of topics including Functional Movement, Neck & Shoulders, Spine/Breath/Core, Healthy Hips, Healthy Feet, Lymph Drainage and Stress Reduction.  Virtual classes available.