Walk Farther, Run Faster, Play Harder

Without foot pain holding you back

How We Can Help You


  • Learn how to get yourself out of pain with a customized plan
  • Whole body approach to foot pain can finally give you the results you’re looking for & helps with pain in your entire body
  • Get back to long walks, hikes & runs without pain in your feet, knees, hips or back stopping you

Why Choose Foundations PT 

  • We listen to you & look at your whole body for clues about where your pain is coming from
  • Remote coaching program helps you work consistently toward your goals from home, with the support of a physical therapist
  • Get a plan designed for what YOUR body needs to feel great & boost performance in life & sport


Offering 5-Star Physical Therapy in Western New York

What our Clients are Saying


Christina is very knowledgable...You can count on her to give you the best possible answer to any problem you may have.


Christina is a knowledgeable and compassionate professional who really listens to her patients and clients...She treats her clients and patients with dignity and respect while giving them top-notch care in the office and center. She also thoroughly demonstrates the at-home exercises and answers all questions with honesty, knowledge and respect.


My wife and I are taking Christina’s Foundation class. What we enjoy about her class, is that she not only instructs on the importance of proper movement but tells you the “why”. We are very impressed with Christina’s knowledge and problem solving ability. I have gone to many physical therapists regarding range of motion and flexibility issues to no avail. Within a few visits Christina was able to identify root causes and developed a plan to improve my quality of life. Thank you Christina.


Christina at Summerville Fitness really helped my son out when he injured his back. Her one on one attention helped speed up his recovery and get him back to playing sports faster than expected. Christina checked up on him at home and even sent videos of exercises to work on to keep up with his progress. Christina is knowledgeable, personable, and easy to work with. We couldn’t have been happier.


I had chronic neck issues for years. I went to Christina and she was extremely knowledgeable and was able to identify various compensation patterns that I was using causing the pain. Christina taught me techniques and exercises to stop these patterns which led to finally being pain free! She was also able to help my teenage daughter with back pain she was experiencing while playing softball and my teenage son with heel pain. Highly recommend Christina!!!


I have struggled with foot pain for years, even had a very painful foot surgery that helped but didn't fix my issues. With Christina, I have recovered my ability to walk for fun - a godsend this year when this was my main form of being with friends! Her understanding of the foot, natural movement and how your whole system works together is phenomenal. Please do yourself a favor - if you need any type of PT help, contact Christina.


I was about two to three weeks into the program and I noticed how much better my posture was, and I was able to start running again without knee or achilles pain!